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Oman democracy march a model: Russian TV
Spotlight on HM bid to nurture traditional political system side
by side with  development  of modern society
MOSCOW — Russian TV channel MIR has selected Oman's march of democracy under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos as a model of developing a traditional political system side by side with development of a modern society. During a film aired yesterday, MIR featured the history of the Sultanate and the development of Ash'shura (parliamentary consultation) during His Majesty the Sultan's reign. It laid emphasis on the fact that the citizens have been made partners in the country's renaissance since His Majesty came to power in 1970 and that the citizens have ever since lived a dignified life.

MIR also aired His Majesty the Sultan's annual Meet-the-People tours to the wilayats of the Sultanate where he meets and talks to his people, noting that the Royal tours (also being a form of consultation) continued to be conducted every year, despite the establishment of the Majlis Addawla and Majlis Ash'shura.

The channel also featured the diverse patterns of traditional social life in the Sultanate, such as sabla and the aflaj, as well as the country's historical and archaeological attractions. MIR reviewed the achievements of the renaissance in all spheres and the high status that Omani women have been accorded, showing how women's contribution in development has been appreciated. The film also underlined mega projects under way in the Sultanate that offered opportunities for foreign investments. The film described the Sultanate as a haven for tourism due to its security, stability and diversified landscape. — ONA