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Different faces of democracy (2007).

Every civilization has its own understanding of democracy. The Islamic civilization was democratic just from the moment of its birth, because a free choice of a man was the core of Muhammads creed. All the pious caliphs, successors of the prophet, have been elected by peoples vote.

The scope of the film is to show that the ancient principle of concord, provides more stability than a principle of arithmetic majority. The principle of shura, born from Arab tribal practice, takes into consideration opinions of every member of a community.

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The Golden Idol (1987).

A legend of the Golden Idol comes from ancient times.

Tribes that lived in the Arctic region worshiped and protected the golden female statue for centuries.

Many adventurers set in expeditions for the Golden Idol, but for mysterious reasons failed to find it and lost their lives.

The film tells about one of such expeditions, organized by rich Russian manufacturers in 18 century.

A Path to Sunrise (1983).

The history of discovery and exploration of the North, Siberia and the Far East by Russians in the X-XX centuries, that is in the times of the ancient Novgorod republic, the Moscow principality and the Russian Empire. Historians, ethnologists and culture researches have presented different points of view on the ways the biggest state in the world had been built up. The shots have been realised in ancient cities of the Northern Russia, in the Arctic, in Kamchatka peninsula and in the Kuril islands.