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My grandfather Nickolay Semyonovich Plekhanov (1876-1929) was born in the village of Saltakon in the Transbaikal (Siberia) region. He has become orphan at an early age. From his childhood he worked in gold mines. He has served in the Russian army, has taken part in suppression of the "boxers' rebellion" in China (1900). After he continued working as a gold-digger, served in mine guard, has kept the forest townships against the "khunkhuz" gangs, intervening from the Chinese bank of the Amur river. I have described him in my novel "A Road to Urman" under the name of Panov.
Our family has saved a photo album dated by 1911. Unique photos show life of the village of gold-diggers Nezametny, episodes of construction of Trans-Siberian railroad. These out of colour photos picture scenes with convicts, miners of Chinese origin, Orochion nomads, smugglers.