In present the first half of the book is dedicated to the history of Isma’ilism from the beginning to the end of the Aga Khan III Imamate and to the explanation of the phenomena. The second part of the book is dedicated to the Aga Khan IV and to the activities of his institutions.
I hope that the interview with HH will permit me to make an organic connection between the two parts and to make his presence in the book more consistent.
Here below you will find the sequence of chapters and the brief contents of each chapter.


The Imam
Presentation of the Imam as a spiritual leader. The importance of HH for Pamir and his adepts all over the world.

The author’s interest in the matter and his personal ties with the Isma’ilis The authors trips to Pamir and the description of the Pamiris’ life during the last years of the Soviet era.
The House of the Prophet
The succession of spiritual power after the death of the Prophet. The schism of Islam in different schools.
The descendants of Ismail
Genesis of Isma’ilism as a separate school

In the underground
The first centuries of Isma’ilism

The Fatimids
The era of the Isma’ili imams-khalifs

 The Order
The Isma’ilism as a union of medieval intellectuals
The Eagles’ Nest
The history of the Alamut state
Scattered Community
The period of hidden imams after the destruction of Alamut
From the Shadow to the Light
The period of new legitimacy of the Isma’ili imams in the 18th - 19th centuries

Close to the Skies
The history of the Pamir community

The Choice of the Future
Aga Khan I and Aga Khan II in India.

The Curtain
Pamir under the communists.

The history of the imamate of Aga Khan III.

The biography of the present imam.

Creating the Future
The activity of the AKDN regarding modernization of life of Isma’ili communities in different countries.

The Edge
Challenges of the modern world and responses of the Isma’ili community. Prospects of the integrating into the globalizing world.