Sergey Plekhanov




Political writer, publicist, novelist

Laureate of Russian Literary awards

Chairman of Committee for International Liaisons of the Writers' Union (Moscow)

Member of Russian International Affairs Council



Born 15.08.1949, Sverdlovsk, Russian Federation

Studied at the Institute of International Relations (1967-1970) and at the Gorky-Institute of Literature (1972-1978).

Author of 17 books (political biographies, science fiction) published from 1984 to 2017.

Among them novels on Russian historical figures:  

-         Prince Svyatoslav (X century), the founder of the first Russian empire (2014);

-         The last Russian emperor Nicholas II (2014);

-         Classics of Russian literature of the XIX century Alexey Pissemsky and Sergey Maximov (1986, 1987);

Science fiction trilogy “A Horseman That Lost His Way” (1989), “Breakfast on the Golgotha” (2009) and “An Iron Sky” (to be published soon) on the Middle East in different historical epochs;


Biographies of :

    - Hassanal Bolkiah, sultan of Brunei (“Justly and Nobly”, 2017);

    - Nursultan Nazarbaev, president of Kazakhstan (“No-Silk Road”, 2015);

    - Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, emir of Qatar (“Looking at the Future”, 2013);

    - Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq (“Blood on the Sand”, 2007);

    - Aga-Khan IV, imam of Shia Ismaili sect (“Open palm”, 2006);

    - Qaboos bin Said, sultan of Oman (“A Reformer on the Throne”, 2003);

From the end of the 1990th Sergey Plekhanov has been writing on problems of modern Islamic societies. He has published a number of articles on the present-day political regime and religious situation in Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and on problems of Islam communities in Tajikistan, Kenya, Tanzania. He has also written a number of articles dedicated to the traditional religions of the Orient, Africa and religious relicts of ancient Mesopotamia, South Arabia and Tibet.

Sergey Plekhanov is a script-writer of some movies and documentaries, among them a documentary “Different Faces of Democracy”, dedicated to Omani traditional society and political structure (2007).

Sergey Plekhanov’s works were published in Russian, Arabic, English, Spanish, German, Japanese and other languages.